The Confederate Flag Was A Battle Flag

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The Confederate flag was a battle flag and it has many varied meanings of what it represents throughout history. People think that it represents racism and slavery, because it was flown in Southern states, which during the time Southern states promoted slavery in the Civil war. Today’s society would see the Confederate flag being flown in Texas as an act of racism not as Texas history and freedom of states. People would retaliate and try to take down the flag, if it were to be flown in Texas as they do not know the true meaning of the Confederate flag. The Confederate meaning is a group of states coming together that have gained independence and freedom. The Confederate flag should not be flown in Texas, while it has so much history in the United States it will never be seen as nothing, but slavery by the misinformed people. The truth about the Confederate flag is that it was a National flag of the Confederacy called the Stars and Bars. Although, it was used in several battles by armies like the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. The Confederate flag was also used a...
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