The Confederate Flag And Its Meanings

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The Confederate Flag and its Multifarious Meanings Research Paper For generations and generations, the Confederate flag has been a symbol of the Confederate states of America that shows southern pride and heritage to many. It can be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnets, posters, and even tattoos. To many Americans, it shows respect and is referred to as a memorial piece for all the soldiers of the south who lost their lives in the massive battle of the Civil War. What isn 't apparent right away to some is that there is a whole other side to the Flag and its mysterious symbols. The flag raises eyebrows of many Americans and has caused a huge controversy over political, cultural, ethical, and philosophical problems in America. Although the civil war ended long ago, it seems the racism and hatred from then snuck back into our society today. Even though the Confederate flag has been around for generations utilized as a symbol for hope and prosperity, the flag has been exposed in an incipient light of controversy leading me to dig deeper than the anterior essay to explore the symbols of Confederacy from different angles to understand them entirely. To achieve this goal, I have divided my paper into 3 main sections that split off into smaller sub sections that help break down the challenging symbols of the Confederate Flag and America alike with every debate that comes along with it. In the first sections, I discus to what extent the flag has grown as a hate symbol compared to that of a symbol of joy and deeply rooted religious values and hopes of being an independent rebel as originally proposed. In the second sections, I provide an account for the reasons and remarks behind hate groups utilizing the Confederate flag in a manne... ... middle of paper ... ...cist referent and will be understood to reflect racism, thereby asserting the inferiority of some racial or ethnic group. Second, it will serve to intimidate the supposedly inferior group. Third, it will have the effect of promoting racial strife or subordination”(Schedler 9). After considering these statements made above, it could be said that the Confederate flag’s symbol held a meaning in the past but now are interpreted in the presence of new events causing controversy on both sides of the flag making a tricky paradox philosophers, politicians, and judges can’t come together on. Symbols like that of the Confederate flag’s are very prone to wide range of interpretations because it is composed of nonverbal expressions that tangle with a complex relationship of the values of Southern history, and the differences in interpreting those values depending on the person.
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