The Conclusion to Desiree’s Baby

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Years went by with no word from Armand, and Desiree grew tired of waiting for him. Her hair turned a light brown and her eyes a stormy grey, evidence of the toll of what Armand had did to her. Their child however, had grown into a beautiful boy, with dark hair, golden brown eyes and russet colored skin. Desiree mentioned nothing of Armand to the child. Whenever asked by the child she just said with fake smile on her face “he will call for us when he is ready for us to come back”. Monsieur Valmonde who grew tired of seeing Desiree so sad, decided to get her a place of her own, so that she wouldn’t be stuck on the plantation. He found them a small house in the woods, not far from the cotton fields, and close to the big stone pillars where Desiree was found many years before. The house was used once a place where slaves would hide from their former master, but now since Monsieur was running the plantation; it was just an old, battered, falling-apart house. Monsieur told his field workers to come to fix it up, and told them good to make it a home for the child and Desiree. When Monsieur showed her the finished product Desiree gave a real smile, one that hasn’t been seen since her child’s birth. With nothing else to do but care for her child, Desiree and her son would get dressed, and go into town to say hello to people every day. Desiree would dress in a long graying white gown and her son in a proper tan colored suit. After they made their usual rounds of Hello, a strange young man, came up to them. He had on a beige, velvety, expensive suit, and was unlike any man Desiree had ever seen. He had light brown hair, fair skin, and emerald green eyes. The man said to Desiree’s son with a gleam in his green eyes “Hello, I am Gabriel ... ... middle of paper ... it, and immediately has sympathy for Armand, and says “I am sorry Armand. I truly am”. He looks down and says “Desiree I still love you, and I want you to come back…both of you. I had time to think about it and you shouldn’t have left I. You can come back and nobody will know that we are together” Desiree gives a sad smile and says “Oh, Armand I still love you too, but abandoning me and our son is something I could never forgive you. I also do not want us to be a secret. I am sorry, but I am married now. To a wonderful man who doesn’t care that my baby is mixed. She walks away returning to her home. A few days later Desiree got a letter saying that Armand had shot himself. Crying she went to her husband, and with open arms he cradled her till she stopped. From that day on Desiree made a promise to herself to never speak of Armand again, not even to their son.
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