The Conch

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“Lord of the Flies” is a 20th century novel written by William Golding. There is much symbolism in this novel; but, perhaps one object stands out in particular, especially for a symbol of power and society: the conch. The conch allows the boys to create their own civilization. Though, unfortunately, the democracy and authority that it provides would deteriorate as the novel progresses. The conch shows us that, with all rules stripped away, we either have to make new regulations or ultimately turn to savagery. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell on the beach. Remembering something from before their plane crashed onto the island, Piggy says to blow into the conch; Ralph does so. Almost instantly, the other boys begin to come to them. Immediately, the conch is seen as a sign of power. The boys impose a "rule of the conch" on themselves, deciding that no boy may speak unless he's holding the conch. This shows that the conch stands for law and order, which is main trait of democracy. It reveals how conditioned we are to society. The boys need to have a syste...
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