The Concepts Of Self-Branding In The Wedding Photography Industry

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Self-Branding in the Wedding Photography Industry
Wedding is the events that take place just once in the life of a human, but remains the most memorable one as well. This takes people look forward towards making this event the best of all and different and most prominent by all means. Choosing the best remains the clear criterion of the couple and their relatives. This makes them look for the best photographers as well. The choice of photographer is more critical then the choice of caterer or wedding planner. The idea behind this is that the planners, organizers and all others just set up the wedding for that day only, but the photographer captures these moments and saves them forever for the couple and the
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However, a little mistake in this choice would complete destroy y the memories of the couple. This means it important for the photographers to look forwards towards self-branding in the wedding photography industry so that they would be chosen among all the others without any doubt.
For becoming prominent in any industry, it is important that one should be looking into the matter of Self-Branding and for Self- banding it is important that one would be looking towards the theories and frameworks proposed mainly in the field of bending or self-branding. However, it could further be seen that the branding remains the most critical task in the field of photography due to the criticality of the tasks that are to be performed.
In order to get complete understating of an issue the Black Swam theory by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in the 2008 would be underpinned later the accomplishment of the self- banding would be learned by making use of the David Aaker's branding theories. The frameworks drawn by these theories would definitely provide an insight to the vision of the becoming a self- band in the wedding photography industry.
1.1 Black Swam - Theory of Personal

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