The Concept of Dual Addiction

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The Concept of Dual Addiction This research paper will focus on the concept of dual addiction specifically, that of alcohol addiction and simultaneous nicotine addiction. I should make note at this point of my personal interest in the addictive process is a result of the existence of addiction in my family. I have experienced and observed the chaos, hardships and tragedies in my family as a result of the progressive nature of the addiction process. First, I would like to provide a general definition of addiction. Addiction is the repetition of a behavior or behaviors in a habitual or obsessive manner in the face of continued or progressively worsening consequences. Twelve step programs have labeled it as a disease of the mind, body and spirit. There is a general consensus among those who are addicted that to stop or cease the addiction process is not a difficult task. It is the "staying stopped" or continued abstinence that constitutes the difficulty. Relapsing, unfortunately, is not uncommon among alcoholics and addicts. Addiction does not only include the use of mind altering substances such as alcohol, street drugs, and prescription drugs, but can include an addiction to gambling, sex, work and compulsive spending. All of these in the light of continued practice may result in the impairment of physical, emotional, occupational as well as personal relationships. It is also possible if not probable, that many individuals experience an addiction to two or more behaviors or substances. The abstinence from one addiction may result in the usage of another addictive substance or behavior. This has also been called the cross addiction, or dual addiction. There are many definitions of alcoholism, none of which is entirely satisf... ... middle of paper ... ... based cohort. JAMA,275, 1097-1103. (1996). Keller, John E. Alcohol. a family affair. San Diego: Kroc Foundation. (1977). Prescott, C.A. & Kendler, K.S. Genetic and environmental influences on tobacco dependence among women. Alcohol and Tobacco: From basic Science to Clinical Practice, 59-87. (1995). Swan, G.E., Carmelli, D., & Cardon, L.R. The consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and coffee in Caucasian male twins; a multivariate analysis. Journal of Substance Abuse,8, 19-31. (1996). True, W.R., Xian, Hong, Scherrer, H.F., Madden, Pamela, Bucholz, K.K., Heath, A.C., Eisen, S.A., Lyons, M.J., Goldberg, J., Tsuang, Ming,. Common Genetic Vulnerability for Nicotine and Alcohol Dependence in Men. JAMA,56, No.7. (1999). Woititz, Janet Geringer. Marriage on the rocks: learning to live with yourself and an alcoholic. Pompano Beach: Heath Communication. (1979).
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