The Concept Of Racial Profiling

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Are we all equally treated as individuals? If you were treated differently as an individual would it affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically? Would you think, act, or behave differently due to being treated unfairly? Does being mistreated stress you? Can mistreatment toward a person stress them out? Try being African American and dealing with being treated unfairly and different just because you are African American. However, isn’t it unlawful to be treated unfairly and different based upon your race or gender or orientation? Why yes it is, that is called discrimination, and if it’s because of your race, then its racism. The concept of ethnic and racial identity has been one of the most frequently studied psychological constructs among…show more content…
Racial profiling is a term used to describe the practice of targeting or stopping an individual based primarily on race or ethnicity, rather than on individualized suspicion or probable cause (Warren 2010; Farrel et al., 2003). Racial profiling is a practice in which is a vast way of discrimination which unequally targets the people of color and minorities. Weitzer and Tuch (2005) found that 82% of blacks and 60% of whites believed racial profiling is a widespread practice. (Warren 2010) This also causes for heavier investigation and enforcement. It also causes alienating communities from enforcement protection and in return looses the trust of the community. The lost of trust within the communities causes countless people to live unprotected, fearful, and labels each individual as a person of color a suspect. Racial profiling depicts the behavior of the African American community and population as well as adding additive stress to the lives of African Americans. Thus asking how does this to affect the male by altering and depicts his cognitive thoughts and controls his
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