The Concept Of Failure And Success In 'Zero' By Roger Von Oeches

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If you fail and succeed afterwards does it really mean that you achieved what you strived for? In both of the stories “Zero” by Paul Logan and “Too err is wrong” by Roger von Oeches, in which both authors focused on the concept of failure and success going hand in hand with one another. In life sometimes you have to climb a mountain, and face the obstacles that might be preventing you from achieving your goals. In my opinion Logan narrative does represent von Oeches concept to certain degree that failure can lead to success.
In von Oechs story he used many tactics to demonstrate the failure can cause you to become more successful person. One of the examples that were provided in the story was the Boston red sox first baseman Carl. Many asked
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For Paul it all started with being picked at. As a result his self esteem went down and he stopped carrying about school and everyone around him. When he entered college, he still had the same attitude about not putting any effort towards school work or good grades. As time went by, he started to fail classes because he stopped showing up to them, as well as not handing in any school work to receive some type of a grade. It did not take long for him to drop out of college, and find himself pushing the shopping cards at Sam’s Club. “Getting yelled at by his supervisor, while working on his shift at Sam’s Club he had ran into some of his old friends from high school (101). Embarrassment caused Paul to realize that, the path that he was on, was not going to work out for him and that he wanted to get off of it. For that reason he gathered himself together, and entered a community college to prove to himself and others that he was capable of turning his life around. He definitely did not have it easy; he had to over come many obstacles that were in his way in order to achieve his 4.0 GPA. Even failure, as painful as it is, doesn 't have to be an ending. It can be a learning experience—one that builds strength and gives direction. It can also serve as wake-up call that turns a floating student into a serious one…. (logan 102)”. Sometimes it takes a stranger to open our eyes for us to see what we are and what we want to
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