The Concept Of Agile Project Management

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Kenechukwu Modilim
Mini Research 3
ENMG 650- Project Management
Keith Kirkwood
As the world is constantly changing in terms of program needs and the requirements to achieve them, there is a demand for innovative and tactical ways to increase success in achieving project objectives. The ever-changing technological climate, market dynamics, relatively short-lived solutions and the arduous integration of business and I.T., have proved stumbling blocks in managing complex programs and ultimately attaining desired results on time and on budget.
The concept of agile management enables the program to meet its needs and provides a value for business effectively and efficiently, unlike the traditional project management which was highly based
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Agile project management is an iterative approach to the planning and monitoring of project processes. Agile projects are conducted in smaller tranches called iterations with each of these iterations closely reviewed and critiqued by the project team (employees, representatives of the clients etc.). The knowledge gained from this process is then used to ascertain the next steps of the…show more content…
• The Team members: They are responsible for the execution of the tasks at hand, they are also responsible for the tracking and reporting on programs to provide transparency and support decisions to adjust team structures and technical directions.
Advantages of Agile over traditional methods of project management
1) Flexibility: The basis of agile is to accommodate change as software related projects are constantly changing. If there were a change in market or the emergence of a new product, the product could be easily updated. It also enables new ideas and innovation to be implemented mid-project even after the scope has been defined.
2) Speed to Market: Agile P.M enables the swift onward delivery of concept to the users. During every sprint, it delivers something of value and you could decide to launch what has been delivered and build base.
3) Risk management: The agile project management enables you identify challenges early in the project life. This way, the scope could easily be changed mid-project, this is impossible to do using the traditional
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