The Concentration of the Contents of a Potato Cell

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The Concentration of the Contents of a Potato Cell Plan I am going to use a range of concentrations to enable me to get a good result. I will do this experiment twice to get an accurate answer. Prediction The passing through a semi-permeable membrane of high concentration and low concentration to an equal concentration is called Osmoses. Because of the balancing out of weight I predict that the weighted of the potato in the lower concentrations will increase and the weight of the potato in the higher concentration will decrease. My groups preliminary experiment showed me that my predictions where correct. We used concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. Method Using a measuring cylinder I will measure 50ml of concentrated water into ten small beakers. Each percentage will be repeated so that I can get a more accurate result. I will cut as near as possible to 4mm circles from the potato. Before I place them into the water and sugar solution I will weigh them and re-zero the scales between each piece. I want to do this experiment fairly and accurate. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Apparatus [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] 4% 8% 12% 15% 20% By Claire Watson 11W An experiment to find the concentration of the contents of a potato cell Result Before After % change A 4% 2.16g 2.27g +5.09% B 8% 2.33g 2.36g +1.28% C 12 % 2.16g 2.02g -3.51% D 16% 2.17g 1.75g -0.64% E 20% 2.07g 1.38g -6.66% Before After % change A 4% 2.50g 2.62g +4.80% B 8% 2.60g 2.62g +0.76% C 12 % 2.55g 2.39g -3.72%
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