The Complications Of Digital Communication And Social Media

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Versatility, convenience, and connectivity are words that describe a system so vital to everyday life that over 87% of all adults and 97% of young adults ages 18–29 use it (Watson, 2). It is probably on a device within arm’s reach of us right now. The internet has changed the dynamic in which people communicate with one another on an interpersonal level in the form of what is called digital communication. Digital communication has dramatically affected the way information is formed, propagated, and consumed, becoming essential in both work and educational environments. Advancements in technology have influenced how many people perceive communication from traditional methods such as the telephone, physical mail, and face-to-face to internet-based…show more content…
This begins with the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of information circulating around the internet. Most would think this is a good thing, however, scandals surrounding social media such as Facebook have proven otherwise:

“Adam Schrader, a journalist with Facebook before its entire newsroom was scrapped, told the ABC's Four Corners program last night the company was failing the public by letting fake news run rampant. "After the trending news team was let go, there was a big problem with sensational or factually incorrect or misleading news sources and trending topics. It was just a disaster," he said. "I don't think that I trust the general public's ability to identify fake news, real news, you know, anything like that. (Swan, “Facebook Fake News Fails
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These people argue that the students’ writing ability is negatively impacted by communication methods such as texting and social media. However, this is just another false relation. For most students, there is a stark contrast between informal and formal writing. One who is well-versed in scholarly writing is by no means inclined to construct and essay using colloquial terms while writing, and vice-versa. As previously mentioned, digital communication is not comprised of phrases with negligible meanings, it is a language that must be practiced and precise in order to be understood and properly employed. The very same can be easily said for formal writing. If one isn’t practiced in composing formal papers, then the dismal result would be an outcome reflecting their writing ability rather than a result of using digital communication. In fact, the first documented use of “OMG” was by Winston Churchill during WW1, a man thought to be endowed with an aptitude for writing and delivering excellent speeches (“OMG”). Furthermore, this amount of information allows for one to produce more rounded opinions than ever before with the presence of varied perspectives. This is also why the ability of a writer to sort through information is an important skill that reflects on the writer themselves and not the medium through which they acquired the information as long as the information is relevant and
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