The Complexity of Team Work

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1534 words

Introduction The complexity of teamwork is more than what Merriam-Webster defines teamwork as “the work done by people who work together to do something”. Teamwork involves good practices and strategies utilized in a cohesive manner to get to a common goal. Therefore a clear definition of a team must first be established in order to further understand the complexity of the teamwork process. A team is a collection of two or more people with either similar or different disciplines dedicated to the pursuit of a specific goal (Gilbert, 2004). Hence, the determinant in the level of participation from team members for a functioning team is a joint commitment (Gilbert, 2004). The successful use of team practice aims to better serve respected stakeholders. In urban planning, the unity and cohesiveness of a finished work signifies professionalism and clarity, which can only be arrived from a great team. In order to achieve solidarity, good decision making tactics must be enforced. Decision making involves making a logical choice influenced by, and not limited to, facts and information, time, and emotions. These factors may be a sole factor or combined together. Thus, decision making aims to solve a problem. In regards to urban planning, decision making has great influence on the overall success or failure of a plan. This plan may involve key stakeholders or the public, regardless of what party is at stake, decision making must be based on rationality. This paper will examine four decision making practices: (1) decision by authority, (2) decision by majority vote/rule, (3) decision by averaging opinions, and (4) decision by consensus. Decision by Authority While many agree that the best decisions are derived from a collective selectio... ... middle of paper ... ...erstanding of Teams. In N. Natalie (Ed), Teamwork: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (pp.22-30). Basingstoke, Hampshire, Palgrace Macmillan. Kerr, N. L., & Scott, T. R. Group Performance and Decision Making. Annual Review of Psychology, 623-655. Krug, J. (1997). ”People Skills: Teamwork.” J.ournal of Managment in Engineering., 13(2), 15–16. Miller, C. E. Group Decision Making Under Majority and Unanimity Decision Rules. Social Psychology Quarterly, 48, 51-61. Strom, P. S., & Strom, R. D. (2011). Teamwork skills assessment for cooperative learning. Educational Research and Evaluation, 17(4), 233-251. teamwork. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster. Retrieved May 18, 2014, from Waddell, B. D., Roberto, M. A., & Yoon, S. (2013). Uncovering hidden profiles: Advocacy in team decision making. Management Decision, 51(2), 321-340.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that bergman, rentsch, small, e. e, davenport, s. w., et al. (2012). the shared leadership process in decision-making teams.
  • Explains waddell, roberto, and yoon, uncovering hidden profiles: advocacy in team decision making.
  • Defines teamwork as the work done by people who work together to achieve a common goal.
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