The Comparison of two Ancient Greek Warriors, Achilles and Hector

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In this essay, I will compare the characteristics of Achilles and Hector using the information provided by Homer in his version of The Iliad. I will be explaining how they are similar and different to one another, plus their reasons for fighting in the brutal battles that take place in the story. Achilles and Hector are similar in some ways but very different in others. They are both the greatest warriors of their respective armies, Achilles for the Achaeans and Hector for the Trojans. However, their personality traits are very dissimilar. The comparison of Achilles and Hector shows similar traits between them but Homer describes Achilles as the superior warrior in The Iliad.
Achilles and Hector are similar in the sense of war and combat ability but not through their personalities. For instance, the way that they are looked at by their peers is very alike. In Homer’s eyes, they are both world-class warriors, heroes, and born leaders. The Trojan soldiers look up to Hector as do the Achaeans to Achilles. Also, Homer describes both Achilles and Hector as “god-like”. This suggests that their standards in the field of battle are very much the same and that they are superior to the other soldiers. Furthermore, Homer shows us that they both possess great pride. In Achilles’ case, Agamemnon dishonors him in the beginning of The Iliad: “But I, I will be there in person at your tents / to take Briseis in all her beauty, your own prize” (1.217- 8). Agamemnon angers Achilles by taking his prize Briseis so he refuses to participate in the Trojan War for a while. This sends a message to Agamemnon, stating that he doesn’t rule Achilles and Achilles will not stand for any disrespectful comments. Moreover, Hector refuses to back down from fighti...

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...sion, Achilles and Hector share many similarities but also have many differences between them. They are both great warriors and leaders of their armies. They thrive to achieve honor, glory, and respect. This is so important for the Ancient Greeks; it is more significant than life itself. However, Achilles is very much an independent character and a selfish person. While Hector is a soldier, an unselfish person, and a loving family man; he cares not for just his own glory but the glory of Troy. Furthermore, the reasons behind Achilles and Hector fighting reflect their personalities: Achilles is selfish so he fights for himself, but Hector is more of a caring character and therefore he fights for Troy and his family. However, overall Achilles is the superior warrior because he slays Hector in just a few moves, and his achievements are exceptional compared to Hector’s.
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