The Communist Party and McCarthyism

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Fear can be a fuel for fires of concern and worry in the hearts of many people. Hitler used this tactic in WWII to convince many that the Jewish were abominations to the world. In this sense, this is one way that Soviet Union profited from the population of the US. During the Cold War, the silent threat of a nuclear attack raged on between the Soviet Union and America. Eastern Europe was slowly being consumed with Communism during WWII and was spreading quickly. After the Cold War had continued to darken America, the fear of Communism encroached upon the citizens; the American Communist party became more of the worry every day. McCarthyism was there to remove the Communist threat from America before it overthrew the government. Many people argue for its helpful or hurtful benefits to America. In Schrecker’s book, “The Age of McCarthyism”, she discusses the Communist party’s goals, polices, and practices as well as gives a variety of documents like court cases, letters, and interviews that give perspective. Most of the documents show that the higher officials in the Communist party and how McCarthyism can be seen useful for finding the Communist’s true intents. McCarthyism is justified as Schrecker states because the policies and practices of Communist party developed the naïve mind set in American followers, enticement of Americans with their stances, and the party’s plans were malicious and violent in America that they would have grown to be powerful and unstoppable.
Through the perspective of followers of the Communist party (or ex-communists), the interviews show a sense of cluelessness to what morals and practices they were following while participating in the Communist party’s agenda. Although most followers didn’t know too...

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...mmunist in America to help steer people away from the corrupt power.
Each one of McCarthyism tactics, by taking a stand against the followers or the Communist Officials, kept American society and government under the rule of the people. The plans that McCarthyism followed through on were found justified because the lack of knowledge of the American people and followers, the greatness of their stances, and their hidden plans. Schrecker’s statement on the policies and practices of the communist party justifying McCarthyism is true. Given the Communist party’s ways, McCarthyism was ultimately protecting the American way. Some people considered it an overreaction, but it was just a way of preserving the peace in defense of the American people. Without this protection, the party would have been grow to strong and been an unstoppable power in to the American government.
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