The Communication of Window Displays

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The fashion market-place became high-competitive nowadays. In order to stand out, more new, attractive products and services need to be provided for the ever-changing environment in high street. According to Berger (1972), ”Seeing comes before words”. Visual stimulation became important when customers need to be inspired by eye-catching and clear seasonal product display when they pass through one boutique to another. Merchandisers caught a whiff of visual strategy so that they came up with the idea to create a innovative and beautiful space which can show the new merchandises to convey the brand messages as well as to grab the attention of passers-by. Greg (2004) points out that window display is the first impression which can clearly communicate the brand identity to their potential customers. Morgan (2011) also states the purpose of window display is to help supporting the brand image and entice the customers inside to see the rest of assorted products. The window display of Zara always gives the impression of “plain but chic” to their target customers. One customer who looked at the window and then shopped in Zara said: “The window displays are telling you that you deserve one Zara coat.” This essay will focus on the relation between the brand identity and window displays of Zara which has a typical successful brand image through its window display.
However, defining the success of window display is still difficult and complex because there are too many segments need to be taken care. Effective window displays can not only promote the products but also extend the brand image. Morgan (2011) mentions that the good window display can not only increase the sales but also can build a good brand image in long-run. Furthermore, there...

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...ame period of 2012. (Inditex, 2012) The solid growth from Zara shows that Zara is successful in building its own brand identity. The high degree of recognition of Zara makes people choose Zara instead of other brand. One of customers who are interviewed said: “Zara is the name naturally came into my mind when I want to go shopping. It just came.”
To sum up, window display is a significant way to promote the brand image and seasonal products in the highly-competitive fashion industry. As a typical successful retailer brand, the distinct brand identity of Zara is one of the most important factors to be outstanding comparing to other brand. Zara clearly understand its brand image according to its market positioning strategy and target customers through using the props, colours and themes to create a suitable space that the impression of Zara want to be given to people.
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