The Common Misconception of International Outsourcing

Among the American society there is a controversy over the rising popularity of corporations internationally outsourcing American jobs. You may be asking yourself what is international outsourcing? It can be defined as a strategy corporations use to send jobs within their company overseas. These jobs originated in the corporations’ country prior to being outsourced to other countries. The reason for such actions can many times be attributed to the cheaper labor or for strategic business reasons. Over the past fifteen or twenty or so years, international outsourcing has become popular among many corporations. International outsourcing is beneficial for our economy and the job market for three main reasons. Through such actions made by the leaders of corporations, jobs are created and brought into America, it allows for corporations to give back to their employees, shareholders and stakeholders, and corporations save a considerable amount of money.

Corporations in our society today are always seeking out ways to cut costs, resulting in payback to their employees and stockholders. One technique that many corporations in America are looking towards is international outsourcing. The outsourcing of jobs is proving to save corporations large sums of money because the wage that is paid to workers in other countries is much cheaper than here in America. Many of these jobs that are being outsourced are entry-level positions, factory jobs and Information Technology jobs. Finding a way companies can save and reinvest that money into their products or pay it back to their shareholders has proven to benefit the corporations and its’ stakeholders. So, how is the outsourcing of American jobs proving to be beneficial for our s...

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