The Commercial Pokemon Trend

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The Commercial Pokemon Trend Imagine for a moment a little boy lifting his sleepy little head off his Pokemon pillowcase, climbing reluctantly out from underneath his warm Pokemon blanket, exchanging from his Pokemon pajamas into his favorite Pokemon T-shirt, drinking his morning juice from his beloved Pokemon cup. All the while, he is making his way into the family den to watch his favorite cartoon, Pokemon. A typical day begins like this for children in households all over the country. Evidence of the Pokemon phenomenon is everywhere: on television, in movie theaters, at fast-food restaurants and in products of every conceivable type. There are Pokemon videos, toys, books, software, videogames, trading cards, school supplies, clothing and toiletries. The Pokemon brand is a five billion dollar industry worldwide. The prosperity of Pokemon has attracted negative attention from parents, educators and childhood experts. Labeling a product either good or bad on the basis of profit is wrong. The worth of a toy should be determined by the educational value for a child rather than monetary profits. The only downside to Pokemon's success is it's success. The Pokemon rage has spread like wildfire through schools and communities by word of mouth -- the old fashioned way. Although scarce, advertisements for Pokemon appeal to the need for affiliation, the need to achieve and the need to dominate. The whole Pokemon fantasy is cognitively engaging for the targeted audience of children from six to fourteen years old. Parents should be quick to see the positive benefits of Pokemon for their children by looking beyond the promotional craze. While Pokemon mania is seizing the attention of kids across the nation, k... ... middle of paper ... ...on of kids had Howdy Doody or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this one has Pokemon. Let the kids enjoy it while it lasts. Works Cited Concerned Women for America. "Hooked on Pokemon: Is Pokemania Harmless Entertainment or an Addiction?" 1999 21_ent-pokemon.shtml. (I couldn't get the address to indent, I tried and gave up.) Landover Baptist Church. "Pokemon? Poke Yourself, Satan!" 1999. 14 June 99 Maurstad, Tom. "Today's Pokemon Craze Goes Where No Smurf Has Ventured Before." Tribune News 9 Nov 99: K33723. "Pokemon, Sorry Mom and Dad, it's Strictly a Kid Thing; You Wouldn't Understand." People Weekly. 31 December 99: 52. Pokemon Trading Card League. Advertisement. Sports Illustrated for Kids. June 2000: 1

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