The Columbine Tragedy

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An outburst of school violence has taken over the nation throughout the past several years. Incidents of school violence have quickly intensified since the Columbine tragedy, thus prompting communities to take additional safety precautions with their youth education system. There are many inquiries on what type of violence is most common, often narrowing down on gender, ethnicity, and environment. Violence itself can be defined as a deliberate act, serving no legitimate purpose, which has the possibility of reasonably harming another person. Violent behavior is often associated with the cultural environment and class status of an individual. The ideology that can be obtained from this perspective would be that lower class, uneducated people are more prone to intense behavior and aggression than those whom are brought up with a more luxurious lifestyle. School violence has become a huge concern due to lack of awareness, exposure to violent environments, and social margins that distress interpersonal relationships.
The youth of today are not being properly educated on gun control, gang brutality, or the prevention of violence over-all. In the past decade, students have begun to express more than just physical power, they are using lethal weapons to harm or kill their authority figures and peers in hopes to find an outlet for their misallocated frustration. Violence, for some, is a way to channel negative energy, feelings, and frustration. Each student should have the opportunity to develop skills of problem solving in a nonviolent manner. Educators should not label these students as trouble-makers, but actually provide them with insight on how to cope and learn to deal with their problems. Schools should not take the punishment ap...

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.... Generally speaking, almost every student who has ever used a gun to harm others at school have been students suffering from mental illness, depression, emotional stress, or were victimized. There is an enormous increase in gun violence, crime, sexual assault, physical assault, cultism, gang violence, and bullying. Violence has always been a reoccurring issue amongst the youth of the United States; however, up until recently the focus of extensive research was just on the general topic of youth violence, as opposed to school violence and aggression in specific and the contributing factors leading to such intense behavior. Since violence in schools has become more prominent, it is more difficult to maintain a peaceful environment. Informing and educating schools, children, and parents as well as the neighboring communities can prevent a small issue from escalating.
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