The Colosseum: The City Of Rome In Ancient Rome

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In ancient Rome, where did you go to have fun or enjoy a show, interact with people. Was their a place or building that can be able to entertain the crowd. Well the Colosseum was the only way where people from Rome, Italy were able to go for entertainment. The Colosseum was design as an amphitheater arena for the people from Rome can enjoy the violent shows they hold. In Rome, Italy during that ancient time it was a very violent and scare era. Therefore, they entertain themselves with gladiator fight and animal attack and the crowd will go wild for that show. The Colosseum architecture was designed purposely to be like an amphitheater. In the city of Austin which is a very popular city in Texas and it is growing more every year. The city of…show more content…
As with the open windows around the structure, giving a peak of what 's inside. The Colosseum is a significant amphitheater as the arena is only made of sand not like your typical arena. The sand is used in the arena for the gladiator fight and wild animal attack giving a more intimidating scene. The Colosseum is powerful for this violent event which were very popular in the ancient time. From the rich important people to the poor can come to the Colosseum and enjoy the violent show. The location of the Colosseum is significant as it is in the center of the city of Rome, Italy. Where the whole city has access to wonderful structure and admire the building, as it is a monument to the ancient…show more content…
As the materials used were help to design the first freestanding theater in the Roman cities. The concrete vaults formed a strong structural as it been through earthquakes, fire and looting the building still stands on point as of today. Masses of stone were used to design the structure through each floor. As the fourth floor had no opening just a bracket. The third floor utilize Corinthian columns, second floor Ionic columns and the first floor Doric columns. The fifty three meter high wall was divided into those sections to give the order relationships. As for the floor arena it utilize sand. The Colosseum was designed as an amphitheater it needed seats for the audience. As social hierarchy was used in ancient time seats for the rich, middles class their slaves and foreigners were made of marble. For the poor and women were seated in wooden seats. The strong structure can hold up to fifty thousand people. The Colosseum theater was built of limestone wall of brick, concrete and tufa which is volcanic stone. As the vaults were made of pumice stone. The materials were heavy weight so the arrangement of attached columns and open arches allow it to balanced out the mass. Molding was used to separate each arch from its supporting pier giving the columns more structure. The materials used in the Colosseum were designed to keep the structure standing

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