The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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Living a life in middle of the age of racism and misogynists

Through various genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction Alice Walker exposes readers

to the struggle of African- American women in the racist and misogynistic society of U.S. from

1960s to the 1990s. She faced many obstacles in her life time. Since young age she had to face

the racist and misogynic world ,not jusr outside, but also inside her family there in where people

hurt her both emotionally and physically. She lived under Jim Crow laws which banned black

people from studying.. Alice became a writer after listening to her grandfather’s stories. In the

age of 8 she started to wrote secretly. She got injured in the eye by a BB gun accidentally by one

of her brothers. Even though she was hurt, she still protected her brother from her parents’ anger

and since they were poor and had no car, they couldn’t reach a doctor immediately. A week later

when they reached a doctor a layer of scar tissue had formed on her eye which destroyed her self

steam . It was after that when she started to read and write passionately.

Alice Walker’s poetry explores various types of issues. The poems were another source

to discover how much pain and sorrow she had faced during her life time. Alice Walker wrote

her first poetry book at her senior year at Sarah Lawrence. In her poets, she negotiates the life

she had been living in including: her love life, her family, and her pain and sorrow. She wrote

various types of poets related to her family. She either wrote her poems directly about her

relatives or she hinted the readers about the subject. Poem at 39, My daughter is coming are also

another 2 poems she wrote that were related to her relatives. “H...

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Organization conference that it had been too long since I sat in a room full of black women and

unafraid of being made to full peculiar spoke about things that matter to me. “(273) Alice

Walkers non-fiction books coccid of many emotional narratives stories which revealed the truth

Alice Walker exposed readers to the struggle of African-Americans in the racist and

misogynistic society of U.S from the 1960s to 1990s. She delivered the important messages of

the experiences she had through various types of poems, non-fiction and fiction. She used her

own experiences to show others how hard it was for her to face her problems and how no one

should ever sit back and do nothing about something unfair. Alice Walker faced misogynistim

and racism with courage, she never hid from her problems and that was one of her keys to


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