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The Color Purple And Women’s Issues Women have battled for centuries to be equivalent to men. In “The Color Purple," Alice Walker illustrates the theme of women’s heartache, racist acts, and complications of a day to day woman. The Color Purple took place during a demeaning era to not only African American women but African Americans in general were treated inhumane. African American women submitted themselves to controlling men due to the belief of that’s how it should be. During this time, women were used for manual and sexual labor. They were referred as one’s property, hardly spoken of or treated like human-beings. Women faced lack of self-love and identity therefore the definition of love was clouded. In The Color Purple, the main character …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how alice walker illustrates the theme of women's heartache, racist acts, and complications of a day to day woman in "the color purple."
  • Analyzes how celie, an insecure, uneducated woman, was taken advantage of by her stepfather, who continued to punish her by executing her first born and stealing her second.
  • Analyzes how women were brainwashed, but they didn't know anything about independence or defending themselves.
  • Explains that if one doesn't have self-love, it's hard to find what they're unfamiliar with. celie accepts abuse and victimization over and over again.
  • Analyzes walker's portrayal of celie as a hopeless girl learning about the ability to love herself.
  • Analyzes how mahoney 3's sister, nettie, became another loss. celie suffered from numerous internal issues originating from people around her. gender roles were damaged by the idea that women are expected to perform domestic, field, and sexual labor.
  • Analyzes how the color purple shines light on the oppression of women by men.
  • Explains that females have been exploited by males for many years. standing up for yourself may have repercussions.
  • Analyzes how walker tells a story about the topics that aren't talked about, because they're uncomfortable. black feminism is sometimes referred to as womanism because both are concerned with struggles against sexis
  • Analyzes how the color purple targets various issues women suffer from in society. walker brings heartache and misery to life through this novel.

If you don’t have self-love, it’s hard to find what you aren’t familiar with. “Over and over again, Celie accepts abuse and victimization”(Henderson 67). Through victimization, self-blame starts to form over time. Celie wanted a clear statement of what was actually happening to her and why. She redirected her thoughts to the higher power, God.”Dear God, I am fourteen years old. I have always been a good girl. Maybe you can give me a sign letting me know what is happening to me.”(Proudfit 53) Blaming themselves, woman often search for the missing piece in their …show more content…

Walker made known she believed that despite the challenges in your life you can over come with guidance and motivation. “ Women in general are not a part of the corrupt of the past so they give a new kind of leadership” (Royster 85). The novel is based on the revolution of women out of a form of slavery.” Celie finds a glimpse of courage when she identifies with the character, Shug Avery. Celie is exposed to confidence and self- love. “Transformation from a life of shame to self esteem occurs when Celie receives the embrace of the real Shug Avery”(Byerman 91) This foreign world of cherishing one’s self was amazing. After carrying herself as irrelevant and empty, suddenly she aspired to be more. “Celie’s ability eventually to stand up and leave due in part to her discovering a definition of God that is large enough to encompass even the poor, ugly black women that feels to be herself. Also a part in discovering within herself the ability to love and to be loved”(Winchell

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