The Color Purple And 1984 George Orwell 1984 Analysis

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‘Controlling the minds of the people translates to the control of the body’ Through a close analysis of Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984’ how far do you agree with this statement? Totalitarianism is a common theme in both 'The Color Purple ' and '1984 ', where each protagonists seem to be 'suspended ' and 'Were lost in a period that offered no hope of progress ' . Alice Walker and George Orwell offer a society where there is complete control and oppression, by the ruling elite. This eventually “translates to the control of the body”. It could be seen that both the black females and proles such as Celie are the proletariat of society who are refused freedom and are never truly free because 'As long as the mind…show more content…
After the weeks, months, years of torturing Winston becomes ‘hollow”; this could be interpreted that Winston has had all of his individualism expunged and Orwell’s characterisation of Winston perhaps reflects the true capacity and influence the party has on their people, creating a bleak and sadistic tone for the remainder of the novel this is juxtaposed to the start of the novel where there appears to be slight optimism with the finding of The Brotherhood. Furthermore, after torturing him or ‘curing’ him, he no longer hates Big Brother “We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them”. The party “Changes” their enemies, instead of wanting to “destroy” them. The party controls their people and bends them to their own will, reflecting the theme of oppression and…show more content…
The cumulative effect of diminishing ‘the range of thought’ allows the party to create an impressionable society that will disable any possibility of insubordination; this is a clear example of the party’s coercion and autocracy over individual expression. Another example of society becoming submissive, are the children. Winston has a hatred for children ‘Nearly all children nowadays were horrible’ children are susceptible to easy manipulation, especially when left in ignorance. Children are malleable, therefore, enables the party to shape them into conformity, this is due to the fact if you control the youth of society you are able to control the future. Therefore they will engage in acts that will support the hierarchy, for example, towards the start of Orwell’s novel, Parsons children exclaim that Winston is the enemy of the party and throws objects at him through a catapult and from Walker’s novel where Harpo throws the rocks at Celie when she becomes Albert’s wife “He picks up a rock and laid my head open”. Harpo even at a young age supports the black patriarchy that contributes to the control of

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