The Color Legacy in Major Leage Baseball

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1136 words

Before 1947, Major League Baseball had never had a black player, although there were Negro Leagues. Jackie Robinson broke that. It takes courage and dedication to chase after something you love. Jackie had that for the game of baseball. The Civil Rights Movement was occurring during the time Jackie enter the Major Leagues, so the times were tough for him. Jackie did more than just play baseball; he introduced a whole new way to play the game, with blacks and whites. He did this by breaking the color barrier and introducing blacks into the Major Leagues, facing discrimination and showing his true passion for the game, and showing that he was looking to help all African-Americans in the civil rights movement. Breaking the color barrier takes a lot of courage, so someone had to do it. Jackie was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919 (The Phillip Lief Group Inc). His dad left him when he was only just a baby. While growing up, Jackie and his four siblings were alone with just their mother. Jackie’s mother, Mallie, packed up the family and moved them out to Pasadena, California. The family was faced with cruel and harsh discrimination there too. Mallie worked as a maid to support her children, and they remained poor, but Jackie introduced himself as a high school athlete at John Muir High School. (The Biography Website) After graduation, Jackie attended Junior College, where he excelled in football, baseball, basketball, and track. Jackie’s older brother, Matthew, inspired Jackie to follow his love and passion for sports. Matthew one a silver medal in the 200 meter dash at the 1936 Olympic games. In 1939 Robinson entered the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), where he became the first student ever to earn letters in... ... middle of paper ... ...ut his life on the line to play the game he loved. He showed his courage by breaking the game’s color barrier, he overcame discrimination, and he showed the nation that black men can play in the Major Leagues. Jackie Robinson will never be forgotten in the game of baseball and that is what he wanted to do. He wanted to leave his mark and his legacy on the game of baseball, and he did just that. Jackie Robinson is an idol to all young baseball players with the dream of making it big. Works Cited The Biography Website. 2014. 25 April 2014 . The editors of Encyclopedia Britannica. 18 April 2013. 29 April 2014 . The Phillip Lief Group Inc. 24 january 1990. 21 April 2014 . York, Kyle. 8 August 2004. 29 April 2014 .

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jackie robinson broke the color barrier by introducing blacks into the major leagues, facing discrimination, and showing his true passion for the game.
  • Explains that jackie was born in cairo, georgia on january 31, 1919. his mother, mallie, moved the family to pasadena, california, where he excelled in football, baseball, basketball, and track.
  • Explains that branch rickey had been trying to integrate baseball for a while, but he couldn't find the right guy to do it with. he liked robinson's ability and skills in the game of baseball.
  • Explains that jackie was drafted into the war in 1942, served as a second lieutenant in the u.s army, and was arrested in 1944 at boot camp for not giving up his seat.
  • Narrates how jackie robinson was an outstanding baseball player, leading the national league in steals with 29. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1962 and is the only player in the major leagues to have a jersey number retired around the whole league.
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