The Colonialism Of African Diaspora

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In the Western world European colonialism is hailed as an accomplishment. It is the time where Europeans flourished economically after finding and taking control of the lands of the New World. Because of European colonialism and the need for free labor, millions of Africans were forced from their homeland and were forced into slavery. Years later the Europeans came back to colonize and take the rich resources of Africa without any regard to the native people who lived there. Though colonialism ended in the United Stated in the 1700’s and other parts of the Americas in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many of its racial and injustices are still an ingrained in society today There have been many instances where groups of people within African Diaspora have stood up to the racial and economic inequalities within the colonialist system. Through the Harlem Renaissance, Negrismo, and Black Lives Matter movements, the African Diaspora have found multiple ways to retaliate against the marginal and racist system that is European colonialism. After World War 1 and the Industrial Revolution, many black families migrated to major northern cities in order to look for work, this was called the Great Migration. According to Michael A. Gomez in his book Reversing Sail, this phenomena combined with an influx of black immigrants from other countries, mainly the Caribbean, helped spark a cultural movement which is now known as the Harlem Renaissance (2005, pg 185 - 186). From books by authors such as Zora Neale Hurston, to jazz artist such as Duke Ellington, the Harlem Renaissance saw black culture emerge within the white mainstream American culture. Many artist also used this new found voice as a way to speak out about their oppressive place i... ... middle of paper ... ...people are apart of an even further marginalized group of society that are often ignored in the grand scheme of the fight against racial injustice. In conclusion, there have been many instances in which people of the African /diaspora have stood up against the European colonizers. From the cultural movement of the Harlem Renaissance, where black culture was finally respected and recognized to the modern struggle for racial equality that is the Black Lives Matter movement, the Diaspora have found many effective ways of asserting their right to be. The Negrismo movement also challenged the post colonial system by using the Cuban nationalist mindset to their benefit. Though there are many remnants of the colonial system in the Western world, we can look to the ideologies and philosophies used in these movements in the continuing fight for racial justice for all races.
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