The Cold War and The United States Foreign Policy

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The Cold War’s Not So Cold Affect on United States Foreign Policy

The events of The Second World War launched the world’s nations headfirst into a period of united social consciousness unprecedented in world history. Human Rights became a main topic in global discussion and were embraced and enforced largely by the newly formed United Nations. The passing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights showcased democracy as a core value of the UN and highlighted the importance of self-determination. As one of the most powerful countries in the United Nations, the United States had a responsibility to uphold the values stated in the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and act in accordance with the UN’s charter. However, with the advancements of the Cold War, the United States’ desire to keep Most Powerful Nation status influenced hypocritical actions in regards to democracy, especially in its involvement in the Middle East.

The Cold War created an extremely powerful rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union.The two nations were battling on nearly every front except actual battlefields. The fight for control over lands in the Middle East was a particularly important aspect of their battle for dominance. It was believed that the United States had to present itself as fully as possible as a global power in order to prevent any further wars and in order to limit the spread of Communism. The United States’ involvement in the Middle East might be viewed as attempts to accomplish those goals, however, largely, actions taken in the Middle East were done to protect America’s Most Powerful Nation status from being taken by the rising powers of the USSR.

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... eventually overthrew Mossadeq, leaving the American friendly Pahlevi in charge. Pahlevi, of course, then gave US oil companies forty percent of Iranian oil fields, while the publicly supported Mossadeq was placed under lifelong house arrest.

While promoting and supporting democracy may have been a primary goal of the United Nations, it certainly was not one of the United States. Throughout the Cold War, the US acted against democracy when it would help keep the country in the highest power. On multiple instances American government stepped in to Middle Eastern politics and took over in order to keep them under western thumb. Sabotage plots, ousting of elected officials, and intricate coups were all tactics employed to keep America on top with little care for the democracy and Human Rights vowed in both the UN’s charter and the Declaration of Human Rights.
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