The Cold War: The Origins Of The Cold War

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The origins of the cold war There are many wars that happened in the United States history, however this war was not like any other war. In 1945,there was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which was called the “Cold War”. It was called the cold war, because there was no direct fighting between the two countries. In this war there was a controversy over the global influence after World War II ended. The ideological differences between the United State and the Soviet Union led to their different ideas on how to rebuild Europe. The United States was capitalist, while the Soviet Union was communist and the economic and political differences between them created a problem because each country wanted to use its ideas to influence the world. The disagreements between the two countries led to Yalta and Potsdam meetings which discussed the issue of rebuilding the world after WWII ended, the United States also created the policy of containment because it was against communism, and the ideological and political differences led to the Korean war.

“For decades, historians ha...
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