The Cold War Era

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Consequences Cold War involves USA and USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) as the main sides and this war happened in 1945 until 1991. When this war happened, these two sides, USA and USSR actually didn’t fight each other. Instead, they fight for their beliefs by using other countries fighting for their beliefs. Throughout the war happened, USA and USSR had the race in many aspects such as military, weapons and also in economy. And the most important traits of the Cold War is the nuclear arms race. Both of them develop their nuclear capabilities. In order to showing that they are stronger, they produced and explode the bomb. Hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs are being used by them. In this type of bomb, deuterium and tritium (hydrogen isotopes) are fused into helium, thereby releasing energy. It is smaller than atomic bombs that USA tested in early August 1945 in Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima which made Japan surrender; however, it is 2500 times more powerful. USA and USSA tested this bomb in many places, and it is not their countries. Bombs would explode the atmosphere, water pol...
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