The Cold War Between East and West During 1949-1989

How did the Non-Aligned Movement’s (NAM) communication with its member countries promote its successes and failures during the Cold War?

Section A: Plan of Investigation

The goal is to understand the effect of the Non-Aligned Movement on the Cold War between East and West during 1949-1989. A structured foundation was formed by the first members of NAM: Nehru of India, Tito of Yugoslavia, Nasser of Egypt, Sukarno of Indonesia and Nkrumah of Ghana. NAM was created during the collapse of the colonial system and independence struggles of many countries at the height of the Cold War. NAM formed in an effort to dissolve differences between the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc and to resolve tensions between the military powers after World War II. NAM’s members held more than half the world’s population and believed in peace and equality for all with no regard to any conflicts. Its fundamental ideologies warrant for additional investigation to analyze its effect in ending the Cold War.

Since NAM was organized, it has made efforts to stop the oppression by foreign occupation and violation of human rights. While promoting mutual interests, the organization embodied the fact that internal conflicts should be resolved by respective nations. Areas of investigation include researching the evolution of NAM, its principles, purpose and role during Cold War. Methods of study will include reading appropriate books, materials, online resources, articles and related documents.

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Section B: Summary of Evidence

Transition from WWII to the Cold War

• Primary concerns after WWII include “rights of independent nation states and the Cold War …”.

• Third world countries avoided membership

• They sought an inde...

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...y and cooperative voting in the UN General Assembly, but they were never in a position that would allow them to challenge the dominance of the two major powers.

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Section F: Bibliography

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