The Cold War : A War Based On The Conflict Of Ideologies Of The West And The East

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After WWII, everyone thought the worst was over, Germany was once again disassembled, and the world could go back to a time of peace instead of a time of war. However, the world was now being pulled into another battle. This battle that would challenge the strength of the two nations. The Cold War, was a war based on the clash of ideologies of the West and the East. The difference between capitalism and communism, will now come to blows in an epic battle that would take decades to work through. Although, the Cold War was not (for the most part) a physical war, it did cause a lot of damage. During this time, the Soviet Union and the United States, became the most powerful nations. They were powerhouses that could not be more different from each other. From political to economical views, they were totally opposite. The Soviet Union, were communists, and believed in shared property and government control. The United States were capitalists, and they believe in freedom and private enterprise. Both aligned with countries that shared the same ideologies. United States, joined the NATO (the Western Bloc) and the Soviet Union joined the Warsaw pact (the Eastern Bloc). These two nations, were in battle to be the best, the strongest, and most powerful nation. It seems as though they were constantly battling each other. Whether it was over which nation was more scientifically advancing, or had the best nuclear weapons. They both wanted to show the world they were on top. The Cold War, was a battle to become one of the world’s superpower. A key event that happens during the Cold War, was the Truman Doctrine. After Truman lost trust in Stalin, after he went against his word about allowing an election to take place in Russia. Truman beli... ... middle of paper ... ... with an enemy. The Vietnam War took place for almost two decades, it was the longest unrewarding war of the 20th Century. North and South Vietnam were at war, the North side promoting communism (with the help from the Soviet Union) and the South side was not. Wanting to contain communism, America got involved (as well the United Nations) and help South Vietnam fight back. This war took a toll on everyone involved economically and politically. For millions have died, and millions of dollars were used to aid this war. At some point people started to realize that the war in Vietnam was pointless. Even Americans were starting to see America involvement as a waste of valuable resources and lives. By 1975, U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, and with no support from America, South Vietnam was defeated by the North. This allowed Vietnam to reunify and become a communist country.

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