The Cold War

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Cold War is an academic warfare that driven by a psychological and economic contention between The United States of American and USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) or Russia that there relationship had immediately reversed during 1940s-1990s. It is a war that carries on without any intensely move or fighting in the battlefield. This report is going to verify that Cold War isn’t a war by describing the Cold War, defining war, and listing the causes of war. The Cold War is a name given to the relationship that developed between the USA and the USSR after World War Two (“What is Cold War,” n. d.). It was a psychological and economic raise warfare between the most powerful states in Europe without any combating and weapons are in used. Nevertheless, they did ‘fight’ for prove that their beliefs and ideologies using client states that fought for their beliefs on their behalf; USA was a capitalist democracy and USSR was deeply rooted in communism. The Cold War a state of economic, political and military tension between the one who win the World War II and its allies. Honestly, USA and USSR are afraid that if they’re directly fighting each other, they both will be exhausted (“The Cold War and the Crisis in Korea,” n. d.). Therefor, they do use the client states to create a small fight; however that has instigated many of proxy war and many changes in world map. The Cold War was ended in 1991 with the annulment of the USSR. According to Moseley, he assumes that each definition has its strength and weakness, but often is the culmination of the author's broader philosophical positions (“The Philosophy of War,” n. d.). An alternative explanation of war from the ancient believes, the Heraclitian or Hegelian philosophy, has ... ... middle of paper ... ...nation-states, using the areas of globe as their battlefield, and exhorted by the national conflicts, such as the argument between believes or any disgruntlements. Moreover, war needs to continue by using the clash of two militaries as a war’s sustenance, and it is resolved by an agreement or a surrender of one side. In addiction, Cold War is just a name that given to the USA and USSR relation change, and it doesn’t include any weapons or clashes between the hostile. Therefor, Cold War is not a war because it doesn’t drive by violence and there’s no tragedy, death, nor clash take place during it. Works Cited

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