The Cold War

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The Cold War

For three years after Lenin's death, the country was governed by a

group of leaders. In 1927 Stalin became the country's most powerful

and feared leader. He created one of the most successful dictatorships

in history and brought the USSR from being a backward nation up to the

world's second most powerful nation. In order to do this, he had to

abandon Lenin's New Economic Policy. Unfortunately, the price for this

success was paid with the blood and tears of the Russian people.


Stalin's control was so complete that we call his kind of dictatorship

a totalitarian dictatorship. He used terror, force, and propaganda to

control his people. Totalitarianism is characterized by:

The people are forced to live by their ruler's beliefs.

There is only one political party.

Propaganda is used to generate support from the masses.

The leader tries to convince people that he/she is democratic or has

democratic support even though this is not the case.

Secret police terrorize the people.

The economy is owned by the state,

A strong military exists to provide control and conquer other


Five Year Plans

Stalin's greatest achievement was the rapid industrialization of the

Soviet Union. In order to have a strong economy, a county needs land,

labour, and capitol. The USSR controlled vast expanses of land that

were filled with natural resources. They also had a rapidly expanding

population to provide labour. They were lacking in capital. The USSR

lacked factories, tools , heavy machinery, transportation, and the

money to buy these things.

Stalin believed the country needed to industrialize and become strong

because he feared that the capitalist western nations planned to

invade the USSR and destroy its communist system. He developed a

system of economic planning called "five year plans." The five year

plans set specific economic goals for the country. These goals were

expected to be met within a five year period, after which a new five

year plan would take effect.
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