The Cold Mountain Sparknotes

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“…He achieved some success in matching his thoughts to the weather, dark or bright, so as to attune with what freak of God's mind sent cloud or shine.” (pg. 224) Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I believe it would be an injustice to close my book believing you have just read a simple romance or war story. I have deliberately implemented a myriad of devices and techniques to shape the environment of Cold Mountain. My manipulation of setting sanctions the simultaneous transmission of multiple concepts and ideas. In this sense the mountain acts as an allegorical core supporting and influencing the characters’, and hopefully the readers’, interpretation of the face of violence, the search for fulfilment and the passage of time. The final chapters of the novel use the environment of Cold Mountain to foreground the acts of violence which Ada and Inman are influenced by and reflect on. To parallel Inman’s own struggle, I conspicuously personify the duck in the black pool that “did not care enough even to turn its head to look at Inman” (pg. 386). The hypothetical description of the du...
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