The Cognitive Model Of Abnormal Psychology: Models Of Abnormality

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In psychology, there are what are called models of abnormality. These models are what scientists use to explain events, and they are also called paradigms. (Comer, 2015, Abnormal Psychology.) Something is considered abnormal when it is not within what society determines as normal, or is dysfunctional. In psychology, we have many different models used to explain abnormal behaviors and the treatments associated with these behaviors. One model used in psychology to explain abnormal behavior is the cognitive model. In my opinion, this is the best model available to explain abnormal behavior. Cognitive therapy is an effective treatment that helps a person to recognize a negative pattern of thoughts and replace them with healthier ways of…show more content…
Research has shown that positive self-evaluations may be dysfunctional and maladaptive. It is often the positive and not the negative that is often criticized in fields such as health, education, and the workplace. The model also seems to confuse the symptoms of depression with its cognitive causes. Examples include jumping to conclusions, all-or-nothing thinking, and self-blame and self-criticism. These are symptoms and are not the causes of why people engage in negative types of thinking. (Sun, 2009, Psychology Today.) Another abnormal psychology model is the psychodynamic model. The psychodynamic model is the oldest and most famous of the modern psychological models. (Comer, 2015, Abnormal Psychology.) Psychodynamic theorists believe that a person’s behavior, whether normal or abnormal, is determined by underlying psychological forces of which the person is not consciously aware. The internal forces are described as dynamic and interact with one another which gives rise to behavior, thoughts and emotions. Abnormal symptoms are viewed as the result of conflicts between forces. (Comer, 2015, Abnormal…show more content…
Psychodynamic model isn’t rooted in science very much, whereas the cognitive model is, and can be tested to prove to be effective. I think cognitive behavorial therapy is also better because it requires you to put in some work outside of the sessions unlike the psychodynamic approach to therapy. I feel like if you put in some of the work, it helps you to see the importance of the therapy. If the therapist is putting in all the work, you might not get the full affect and completely be involved in the
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