The Coffee Shop Industry Is An Ever Growing Field

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The coffee shop industry is an ever growing field with innumerable advantages for both owners and consumers. With 50% of the American population having at least one cup of coffee each day, and each having an average of 3.1 cups a day, there is no denying the major role of coffee shops. Coffee shops alone account for $12 billion of the $18 billion United States coffee market. While there are still threats that come with coffee shops, the opportunities are endless. Each coffee shop has their differences to make them stand out from the others, but overall they are all making the same product, coffee. Each coffee shops major products include coffee, both hot and iced, specialty drinks and other beverages. Besides coffee, coffee shops generally have pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Other products of coffee shops are coffee supplies like coffee beans or kcups, and merchandise like mugs and shirts. While each company operates differently and has different products, a majority of companies, especially the larger ones, have the same idea in what they need to sell to be competitive. With the coffee industry as a whole booming, coffee shops are becoming much more prominent even internationally. As of right now there are approximately 24,000 coffee shops across America, and studies show that the number of coffee shops will increase to 50,000 within the next few years. While many of the shops are smaller mom and pop stores, 70% of sales are generated from the top 50 coffee shops. Out of the coffee shops there are four that for the most part control most of the coffee industry. The largest coffee shop being Starbucks with over 20,000 locations, followed by Tim Hortons with over 4,200 locations. After Tim Hortons the next larges... ... middle of paper ... ...e now, if trends continue the way they are going more regulations will have to be placed. A case of this is a regulation for coffee shops selling to children. If the number of children drinking caffeine continues to increase then a regulation will be placed. The only reason there are not already regulations placed is because coffee shops are not marketing to children and even make specific children drinks without caffeine. While the coffee shop industry in the United States is doing extremely well there is always the international coffee industry that companies should be apart of. The larger companies have learned to the key to marketing internationally is focusing more on specialty coffees. Also the larger chains are trying to turn mainly tea drinking areas into coffee drinking areas. These places include India, China, Russia, and parts of the Middle East.
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