The Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Nurses playing a vital role in healthcare system, as well as carrying a wider range of healthcare responsibilities in clinical settings. Nurses are obligate to promote patients safety, manage illness and provide patient and family emotional support based upon the NMBA competency standards. We believe nurses have rights refusing to provide patient care in some situations that clinical activities may dangerous on their own safety. Nevertheless, some moral dilemmas between quality patient care and nurses’ safety have been raised in today’s society. The issues of prejudice and discrimination in the clinical settings not merely adversely affected the healthcare system and the nursing profession, but violate the human rights of “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (Lauterpacht, 1948). The code of ethics for nurses in Australia is released to ensuring safety working environment and upholding nurses’ right to refuse any unexpected patient care and nursing practice (NMBA, 2008). In contrast, nursing practice of refusing certain patients care ignore patients’ right and interest to be able to access healthcare services to address healthcare needs (Australian commission on safety and quality in health care, 2008). Therefore, balancing both patient and nurses right is essential to provide quality patient care in the healthcare system. In nurses’ perspective, caring for groups of disenfranchised people instills fear at some levels in nurses who are making care plan and implementing nursing interventions with these individuals. This fear is possibly due, in part, to the potential harm nurses perceive form patients’ behaviours, or perhaps it is because nurses feel they could be posit in dangerous situations at some poi... ... middle of paper ... health care still a continuing debate in today’s society. The sufficient way to reconcile the issue of nurses’ refusal and patients’ abandonment is to have reasonable allocation, for instance, NUM can play a vital role in help regulate the conflict between nurses and patients. The necessary reasonable allocation can increase nurses job satisfaction, reduce the moral conflict between nurses and patients, and help to deliver quality nursing care in the clinical settings. We are human beings, individual safety always posit in the first row and individuals have self-determination in any activities are always irreproachable. In addition, the moral dilemma between nurses and patients can be solved in various ways, and we believe that nurses are enthusiastic in caring for diverse patients, they have the right to choose or refuse provide care at any stage of treatment.

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