The Closing Gender Gap -- Then and Now

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War is inevitable because of opposing views and conflicting opinions. During these hard times, women, although rarely recognized, played a big part in the success of our country. They made their mark during World War Two when they took over the jobs of men and proved they are just as efficient in the workplace. There has been a dramatic change since then. Women have found their identity through these hardships; which in return, has set the pace for the years to come and narrowed the gap of the social norm of women in the work place. In present day, upon the completion of high school, most middle class females plan on heading to college. College, which usually consists of: bunking with a high school friend, moving a short distance from the parental units, and adamant hopes of a grand social life while obtaining that much needed college degree. For most, this time of their life brands the future before them; the realization that they have open possibilities to become a medical doctor, engineer, or lawyer marches through their every pulse. This is a time of females in the workplace; females, who have taken giant leaps out of the kitchen and into our emergency rooms, courts and police stations. A female high school graduate straight out of the 40’s had completely different goals than women today. She most likely taking classes in sewing, cooking and bookkeeping in during school. Where as, her male friend were focusing on their physique, at that time 8 out of 10 boys enrolled into the military. Very few females, if graduated from high school, rarely had intentions of attending a college or university. They inspired to be something else, something commonly called, the MRS. Degree. Which involves becoming a Mrs. or wife to a... ... middle of paper ... ...ntry-level training. Succeeding without this job and college education is seldom unheard. Women aren’t discouraged by male positions; considering, they are more commonly taking the roles of engineers and computer technicians. It’s more common for males to become nurses and teachers; considering this, the gaps between the sexes are closing. We can thank the women who have devoted their lives to the recognition of the female identity; not only did they do it for themselves, they did it for their daughters, their granddaughters, and OUR daughters, OUR granddaughters. Tasks such as obtaining equal rights, unfortunately, does not come easy and can often seem exhausting and pointless. It took: generations after generations, war after war, and petition after petition, to get to were we are today, which although still a work in progress, equal rights in the workplace.

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