The Cloning of Dogs

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The Cloning of Dogs


The new "Star Wars" movie features an entire army made of clones. These clones are genetically perfected to be the ultimately obedient and powerful soldiers. How could this type of cloning technology be used in dogs? We could use it for the good to make the perfectly obedient dog, for use in seeing-eye work, rescue work, etc. This technology could also be used to affect the world of dog showing. An owner of a number one winning champion dog could replicate it and make the sport completely obsolete and pointless.

Project Missyplicity:

The leading research team for dog cloning is at Texas A & M University. Their project is called Project Missyplicity, named after the chief contributor’s beloved pet dog, Missy. This project hopes that the ¾ Border Collie, ¼ Siberian Husky mutt will be the first dog to ever be cloned.

Project Missyplicity has many purposes, as shown in their goals. The first and foremost of these goals is to of course clone Missy. Secondly, they want to improve the understanding of the canine reproductive system. As surprising as it may seem, the canine reproductive system is a subject that has not been extensively researched. The research involved in the cloning process is uncovering all sorts of information on the canine reproductive system. The third goal is to enhance the reproduction of endangered species. If Project Missyplicity is successful at cloning dogs, the possibility of cloning other species becomes more and more probable. The forth goal is to replicate specific exceptional dogs. This includes the seeing eye and rescue dogs that were previously mentioned in the introduction. The final goal of the Missyplicity Project is the one that most concerns me: to s...

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... these diseases: genetic or environmental, this would be one of the few true benefits. Religious leaders would argue that cloning is creating nature or playing god and animal rights activists would say that it is unnecessary and objectionable. I agree with both of these parties and therefore; I stand against the cloning of dogs.


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