The Client

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The Client A thriller is simply something that thrills you, but to do so in a movie the elements must be shown in such a way that you are intrigued from the first few minutes to the very last. In 'The Client', such factors are shown making this film a classified thriller. The first event of a good thriller must set off the plot, showing jeopardy and getting you interested in finding out what this movie is going to be about. At the very start of 'The Client' Mark Sway, a rebellious teenage boy, stumbles across a suicide, a situation that gives many conflicts to deal with and involves you in the movie at an early stage. From here a fast pace of issues arise and develop to thicken the plot and keep your interest, for instance the main character Mark is constantly facing his problems, usually related to the suicide, throughout the movie. This is what sets the fast pace, makes sure you are always curious and wanting to know what will happen next. To mystify you need to be hit with something puzzling, unexpected and original. "She said it was one of the best books she had ever read, that she couldn't put it down." A comment on a book review site showing how 'The Client' has an aspect of mystery. This movie strongly hits you emotionally to sustain a connection that you think you have with the characters. Issues like an abusive father, children smoking, single mother, alcoholism recovery, the pressure of court and the sickness with the family member you will find if you have had similar issues, you will feel a 'connection'. With this feeling when there is tension or trouble you are further left worried about what will happen because you could see how you would be scared in that situation. Suspense is when you pause, wait and wonder what is the next point of action to take place. Throughout the movie there is always pressure and a demand to unravel, sometimes you seem to think everything will

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