The Clergy Needs Women

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Women. We are mothers, daughters and sisters. We are girlfriends, fiancées, lovers and wives. We nurture, we scold, we argue and we love. We teach with great conviction and we learn with apt attention. We produce life and hold our babies with care and reverence. We listen as other unburden theirs troubles. We offer solutions to insurmountable problems. We’ve ruled kingdoms, tempered nations and advised those highest in power. We have made developments in equality involving voting, running for office and joining the armed forces. Women are pop culture icons, from movie star Elizabeth Taylor to controversial Madonna to trend-setting Lady Gaga. Women are strong forces behind the men in power and in doing so, become powerhouses in their own right, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Michelle Obama and the indomitable Eleanor Roosevelt. Famous artists such as Georgia O’Keefe became the epitome of female expression. The list of influential women throughout history is endless. So despite all these strides, what is the one position that historically women have never had the opportunity to hold? Clergy. As little as 15 years ago, women were not allowed to be active members of the clergy, such as ministers, bishops or priests. With all our successes and progression, the clergy should be the next logical step for women to become a part of and prosper.

Many people may point out that women have always had an active role in the church community. Women organize the bazaars and the fundraisers. They minister to the ill, they take care of the unruly children so that everyone can enjoy the service in peace and they sing in the choir to raise their voices to God. Nuns are the most recognizable position that women have held and it is esteemed in...

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... and a prostitute. When He was resurrected after his death, who did he appear to first? Mary Magdalene. Again, a woman. So, those who use Biblical text as a defense against women in the clergy also need to recognize our importance in the shaping of religious history. It is a natural progression that women should exercise their beliefs before an apt congregation as a leader. And we as a society should continue to work to make this a reality.

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