The Cleanest Race

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Introduction Only a couple of “Second World” continues to exist as a socialist state in today’s world. Particularly the North Korea stably remains to be a closed country with the idea of Communism. And the author named B. R Myers tries hard to sharply disclose the unique perspectives of North Koreans toward themselves and of their own dear leaders, Kim dynasty, in the book The Cleanest Race. And his writing tends to explain a bit about why the North Korean’s regime is still the communist regime and why its people still favor the regime as it is. After reading this book, readers should be able to figure out that it is not the North Koreans’ fault to have a communist government. It is more caused by the bitter history the Korean peninsula had to struggle by the acts of foreigners which ultimately caused North Koreans suffering and to stand oppositions against aliens. Moreover the recent international conflict with the matter of nuclear power regarding North Korea is not only compelled by its regime, but rather the consequences the world, mainly Russia, U.S, and Japan, have to pay in return for their misbehaviors and faults over the Korean peninsula. The Two Koreas The Korean peninsula used to be one united country; despite misfortune history has separated them apart up to the present time. The disaster in Korean peninsula started with the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910 (p. 26). But far with the Japanese colonization over Korea and its hard effort to create a greater Japanese whole, the Koreans were nevertheless unified with bitter sentiments toward Japan (p. 27). However, the root of separation of the Korean peninsula started to appear as Japan entered into the World War Two, compelling U.S. to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshi... ... middle of paper ... ...rcifully toward the North Korea. In addition, many of South Koreans are against on sending massive unconditional aid to North Korea because they think North Koreans never appreciated their help; instead immorally discredit their former president. It had been more than six decades of separation in Korea, and the North and South Korea still remain to possess contrary ideals on its regime, or views regarding economic activities. The South Korea is moving forward, accepting the ideas and the procedure of globalizations; despite the North Korea is the one who still continues to live in the history, only praising the Kim dynasty instead of advancing. So it is unlikely that the North and South will unite soon, as long as the war does not break out, but hopefully it will get back to the way it used to be before the foreigners brutally separate them apart. Total Words: 3691
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