The Classroom Students Are Taught On Their Knowledge Of Everyday Life

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In the classroom students are taught many different skills and learn a lot to improve their knowledge of everyday life. From a young age you learn the basics like numbers and shapes and how to read. This escalates through the year on how to learn the distance of a shape with mathematical equations and spot grammar errors and write fluent papers. It takes time and isn’t an overnight process but some educators believe that practice outside of a classroom can help the student be prepared for being tested on their skills At a young age students are taught the basics and given a light portion of homework. This homework is pretty easy to the average adult and can be taught by almost anyone. Children at this age may find it difficult but when they go to ask their parents for help if he comes no problem for them. Now one of the bigger issues that parents face as well as students is how to complete a homework assignment at home when both the parents and child don 't understand how to complete it. now when teachers give out these assignments they expect their students to understand what they had taught them the day of. most students will understand what the teacher had taught them and how to complete their homework, but not all students are very good at paying attention or had a hard time picking up the lesson that was taught that day. Most classroom environments that a typical student will be in will include a teacher that will go over a lesson plan and a classroom full of silence students who are listening to the teacher. Now this isn 't something that happens all the time because there are those days where the teacher slacks off and size to make it a goof off day or the students in the classroom are causing chaos for the others trying t... ... middle of paper ... ... reliant on the student 's grade that it could possibly have a positive outcome for education in the nation. many people would be very skeptical of this new idea but in the grand scheme of things this word give students more time for extracurricular activities outside of school that could potentially help their college and future aspirations in life. It becomes a challenge when a student is involved in sports, volunteering,or has a job. with school being cut out of a student 's daily life it gives them more time to enjoy their spare time while getting involved with other activities. Overall in my opinion I believe that they should in some district attempt to try the method of no homework but enforce teachers to have a stricter classroom and lengthened class periods and over the course of time see if this method can work in bigger cities with more diverse students.

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