The Classical Liberalism Theory

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The Classical liberalism theory mainly emphasis is sited on shielding the freedom of the individual by restricting the power of the government. Classical liberalism is a wide philosophy of politics, economics, and human society that upholds individual freedom and the acknowledgement of universal human dignity. The most important features of The classical liberalism theory is consist of the following beliefs: All human beings have intrinsic dignity and worth, all individuals have intrinsic natural rights; including right to live, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and property ownership, social arrangements and governments are human constructs; their justification is the establishment of order, to promulgate justice, and to guard and enhance natural rights. Despite the fact that human being are equal in rights and dignity, our disparity in talents, interests and other qualities is a valid and essential characteristic of the human condition. Hence, classical liberalism counters leftist efforts to compel equalization of condition or result (Goodman, 2004).

In addition, the Classical Liberalism put emphasize on limited government, free market economics, and the rule of law. It views the International Political System as Non-Hobbesian anarchy. Classical Liberalism theory did not believe that government created individual rights ‘in a moral sense’, but rather that moral rights existed completely independent of government. Thomas Jefferson called these rights "inalienable rights" and indicative of the classical liberal belief that rights do not come from the law, but that the law serves to guard natural individual rights. And government exists to protect those moral rights, ensured by a constitution that defends individual ...

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...ood of their society. But to draw the today’s conclusion the lineage of contemporary Liberalism is frequently flawed, regularly contradictory and sometimes tarnished with the blood of the innocent. Nowadays, liberal values propose a type of abundant life the liberty and independence to sin and to set one's own standards in every area of life. But we harvest what we sow and the modern western societies are now reaping the rewards of this faulty "liberty" in unparalleled abortions, numerous teenage pregnancies, high rates of drug abuse, high divorce rates, and high suicide rate that stuns those who come from the very poorest nations. And the other big lie of liberalism is that the "freedom" which it argues to offer is truly not freedom at all but in fact it is enslavement to a morally-destitute path that leads down to the very bottomless pit of misery and desperation.