The Clans of Scotland

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520 words

Q1. What has motivated you to chose this particular topic?
A1. The history of the area today known as Scotland has a rich history of expansion, war, and culture. Ever since I was little I have know that my last name, Graham, was of strong Scottish origin. When I was first introduced to Genealogy, the study of ancestral family, I went crazy. I Immediately traced my family back to the European countries of Germany, France, Ireland, Wales, the Netherlands, and England. These places made up a large portion of my heritage, but my Scottish roots outnumbered all the other countries many times over. The majority of the lines of my family tree, including the Grahams, trace back to Scotland. I even had a heritage test that confirmed my findings. This encouraged me to get to know my roots more in depth, and so I began to research the land of the Scots. I soon found that the Grahams come from around Lake Mentieth in Scotland. Officially known as Clann Greumach, the Grahams were a clan with lands in the highlands and the lowlands. This finding encouraged me to study into the dozens of other clans...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their last name, graham, was of strong scottish origin. they traced their family back to the european countries of germany, france, ireland, wales, the netherlands, and england.
  • Explains that the question of whether individual clans of scotland form independently or as a result of one another is unclear.
  • Explains that scotland was originally inhabited by a celtic people called the picts and operated as one country, with no clan system.
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