The Civil Service

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The Civil Service The makings of civil service are the civil servants. Civil servants are servants to the crown, which therefore means that they are working for the monarchy. Civil servants are employed in a civil capacity. They are paid to do their job from government money from the ‘public purse’. The main job criteria of the civil servants are that they are basically working for the people. Mps, local government officers and members of the armed forces are not civil servants; they do not work for civilians. The civil service is built up vastly and contains over 3000 senior policy advisors who are advice ministers for legislation. As there are many civil servants, the best structure is a hierarchy; these are different levels of civil servants within the civil service: * Permanent secretaries * Deputy secretaries * Under secretaries * Assistant secretaries * Principals The permanent secretaries at the top of the list have the most power hence the principals have the least. Each member of the civil service must sign the official secrets act. This is done to ensure that any secrets that parliament have are no way made public. In the civil service there are higher and lower levels of secrecy. In 1982 Clive Ponting had a senior position within the ministry of defence, during this time Britain were with war with Argentina over the Falkland Island. During the war Ms Thatcher had ordered to strike a ship with a torpedo, which had not been part of the exclusion zone that she had previously imposed, Clive Ponting felt that as a person in his position he had to say something and speak out sa... ... middle of paper ... ...nisters have limited access to other information and advice and rely on the civil servants, this subsequently results in an awful lot of power for civil servants, power which in theory they should not really have To conclude the civil service is an extremely important branch within the government, they have an extremely important job to do so it is essential that they do their jobs adequately and do not breach the official secrets document and remain politically impartial, civil servants have an increased responsibility in their jobs due to pressure and strains put on single ministers with a ration of 1 minister to 65 civil servants it is understandable to see why they now have so much more power and are relied on an awful lot. As ministers rely on them so much the mandarin are indeed who exercise the real power.
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