The City of Detroit

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Slide Two: The History of Detroit · Antoine Cadillac founded the city of Detroit in the year 1701. · It was named after the Detroit River, with Detroit meaning “Strait”. · Detroit is where Henry Ford formed the automobile industry. Slide Three: 12th Street Riot: July 23 · The Detroit Riots of 1967 began when police officers carried out a raid on a drinking club in a black neighborhood located at Twelfth Street. · They were expecting to round up a few people, but instead found 82 inside. · The officers tried to arrest everyone who was at the club. While the police waited for backup vehicles to transport the arrested people, a crowd gathered in protest. · Once the last car left, some men who were left behind lifted up the bars of clothing stores and broke all of the windows. After this, violence raged Slide Five: July 25 · On July 25, the official U.S. troops were sent into Detroit for backup on city police · President Johnson agreed to transport 4,700 Army paratroopers into the city around midnight the previous night, right as two African American rebel snipers blockaded two police posts during all of the rioting that put the large city into shock. · President Johnson criticized the riots and claims that they’re Detroit’s own problem · Tanks were loaded in, fire bombers were arrested all over the city and looters were on an outbreak, stealing from every store in sight. · The injured rates consisted of 800 and arresting 2,000 · By the time it reached midnight, there were 19 people discovered dead Slide Six: The riots · The protests soon became so out of hand and so violent that neither local nor state police could control the people involved. Mayor Cavanaugh soon asked the Michigan Governor for some help. · In t... ... middle of paper ... ...ks to whites had flipped with only 3.8 percent of the neighborhoods being white. Slide Seventeen: Conclusion of Rioting · Amount of Buildings Burned and Torn Apart: over 2,000 · Property damage: $40 to $80 million in 1967 money, amounting up to $200 million now · The end of the 5 days of rioting, 43 people were dead, 1189 injured and more than 7000 people were arrested. Slide Eighteen: Long Term Effects · Many neighborhoods are still in ruins. · Lack of funding makes it nearly impossible to rebuild. · Racial tension is still present. · Population today is still mostly black. · Caused many other riots to form. Detroit Today · Detroiters are constantly reminded of what once happened with empty burned buildings and homes. · Psychological effects are also still present in the mental mindset that it once did happen and that it always could happen again.
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