The City Of Kiilgore Case Study

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The city of Kilgore is a council-manager form of city government and is widely used today in many cities. This form of government combines elected officials and an appointed local government manager who offers strong experience to accomplish the city goals. Although the manager draws up a budget, trains and supervises city employees, and serves as the councils chief advisor; the power is centralized on the council. The council decides on approval of the budget, establishing tax rates, pursuing community goals, and evaluating the performance of the manger. The manger contributes by providing all the necessary information to responding to the council’s wishes. Another important figure in a council- manger form is the mayor. The mayor presides at city council meetings and advocates for the citizens personal views on possible actions from the city. In conclusion, the council-manager form of government is composed of an elected legislative body whose policies should be directed to favor the community. But who composes the council for the City of Kilgore? Mayor R.E Spradlin, council members Havey Mcclendon, Merlyn Holmes, Neil Barr, Lori Weatherford, and manger Josh Shelleck. The City of Kilgore summarizes their purpose in the following mission statement:…show more content…
We recognize our citizens as our greatest assets, and we will serve as role models by anticipating and providing for the needs of the community through leadership, innovation and quality service for today and in the future.” The people involved in city council are noteworthy for their work because they receive no compensation other than expenses acquired performing their duties. The council offers every citizen the opportunity to be involved by attending the meetings held every second and fourth Tuesday of each

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