The Church: The Challenges Of Divorce In The Church

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Since the very beginning of time there has been marriage. The origin of marriage comes from Genesis 2:18, where God said that it is not right that man should be alone. God has always been about relationships and when he instutitued the marriage of one man and one woman he believed that it was important that we be in relationship with other, and in this case His disire was for us to have a wife. Regardless of the intention that God had for marriage when he ordained it, too many people have made it to be something of a fad or a trend. As sad as divorce is the Church is not exempt from facing the challenges of marriage. Christians along with the rest of the world have become a statistics of divorce and that should have never happen. Over the next few paragraphs we will examine some common problems that lead to divorce and what we can do to be sure that as a Christian we uphold the vows of marriage.…show more content…
Remarriage was presupposed in the Deuteronomy legislation (Deut. 24:1-4), although it was forbidden for a woman to remarry and then return to her former spouse. (5) In Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 regarding remarriage, Jesus did not forbid remarriage considering it was understood in Jewish society that remarriage almost always followed divorce or death, see Ruth’s example of Levirate marriage (Ruth 2:20-4:10). One of the challenges that marriage within the church is the redefination of the marriage. It seems to be clear that our culture is changing things on the fly. It seems like every week there is another state that is working towards passing a law that would allow for Gay marriages. As the culture shifts there will be a greater need for the church to step up and make a difference in this area because the redefination marriage will happen because not enough Christians are taking a stand on staying committied to being married. Conclusion
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