The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Q: How does Charles Dickens manipulate readers feeling about Ebenezer

Scrooge throughout the Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens is well known for his host of distinctively cruel,

comic and repugnant novels; he remains the most widely read of

Victorian novelists.

He was born in Portsmouth in 1812 and was the second child of a clerk

in the navy pay-office. His childhood was not a happy one. As in 1824

his father was imprisoned. Dickens got sent to work in a blacking


Memories of his childhood especially of this event haunted him for the

rest of his life.

His parents failed to educate him. But Dickens worked hard, building

his way up to writing novels. Before he wrote novels, he had several

jobs, which were being a clerk in a solicitor’s office, then, a

reporter of parliamentary debates for the Morning Chronicle.

His suffering and brutal childhood led him to write novels on social

justice such as “A Christmas Carol” and “Oliver Twist”.

His novel A Christmas Carol (written in the 1843) is based on social

realism. Dickens defines society ignorant and unfair towards the cause

of poverty at that particular time. He tells us how poor people were

hated and looked down upon.

Young children had to work in warehouses so that they can support

their families: In “A Christmas Carol” he uses the example of

Cratchit’s daughter.

In 1834, the the Poor Law Amendment Act was passed. The act stated


no able-bodied person was to receive money or other help from the Poor

Law authorities except in a workhouse.

It also stated that the conditions in workhouses were to b...

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...ter that we can believe in and care for. We believe in this

change because Scrooge has been changed through his own experience.

Scrooge was a good character from the start but he was very ignorant

and greedy with his money, he thought he knew about poor people but he


The message behind this novel is to never treat destitute people badly

as they have a heart too; they are normal human beings. There’s an old

saying that what goes up must come down. This was shown to Scrooge in

the future by the ghost “Christmas yet to come”.

However this novel also shows that ignorant people learn through their

mistakes, and experiences. The last message probably is always be

nice and friendly with people and take care of them and this will keep

you happy in the long term, as they would do the same for you in

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