The Christmas Carol Scrooge Character Analysis

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514 words

Imagine living a horrible life where . Where people disliked people and wanted them to die, just to get there money. Although in three nights it could be fixed so life would be normal again. In the story "The Christmas Carol" Ebeneezer Scrooge lives this miserly life.Scrooge has three nights to change his life into a compassionate one because Christmas Past, Present ,and Future visit him to teach him a lesson. Present one of the Christmas spirits influences him the most to fix his present in society. One way the influence of Christmas present shows scrooge a lesson. Scrooge realizes that he doesn't want to leave a bad reputation.with his family. In the scene present shows his family is talking about him poorly.His Family member Fred says " What's the consequence, he don't lose much of a dinner by it, I can tell you …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how ebeneezer scrooge lives a miserly life where people disliked people and wanted them to die, just to get there money.
  • Analyzes how the influence of christmas present shows scrooge a lesson.
  • Analyzes present's impact on scrooge: the businessmen in the present talk about him and he doesn't want people to hate him.
  • Analyzes how present shows scrooge that all his family members on christmas are talking about him and how gross he is.
  • Explains that scrooge had a bad life but, he fixed it. this experience helped him realize the meaning of life and got his life back on track.

In the scene his family is sitting in the living room playing guess who.When they realized that they were acting out Scrooge. We know this because they said this is a mean mean man and right away they all guessed Scrooge. Scrooge saw this and made him cry. he thought to himself how can my family hate me so much. This is sad for Scrooge cause it shows him not even his family cares. Addition to that this shows him that he really needs to change cause he will grow up with no one and not get to be with his nephew and cousins. Obviously, Scrooge had a bad life but, he fixed it .Luckily, not everyone has to go though this horrible time. Scrooge is just a character but, things like this are very realistic and can happen to people.This experience helped Scrooge so much and made him realize the meaning of life.This also got his life back on track. This is why present influenced Scrooge the most. Just imagine if this happen to people all the time, don't let it

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