The Christian Attitude Toward Abortion

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The Christian Attitude Toward Abortion

Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a foetus, or the

ending of a pregnancy through medical means. In society today

abortions are common and no justified reason has to be presented. The

topic of abortion is quite a controversial issue and people today have

a range of opinions and ideas on the matter. Some may argue it is the

murdering of a child but others in defence to this may say that the

foetus is not yet a child as before 24 weeks (this is the latest stage

of pregnancy where a termination is permitted) of pregnancy all the

features of the baby are not yet formed consequently making the foetus

not a human being. This all depends on the time in which one believes

life begins.

There are many pro-abortion organisations such as the abortion reform

group. Groups such as this believe that a woman should have the right

to choose what happens to her body because in any case it is her body.

They would also claim that it is not only wrong but also unfair to

bring an unwanted child into the world. If the parents of the child

had prior knowledge that the child would be in some way physically or

mentally disabled then abortion is the right path not only for the

parents but the child too as the child may suffer rejection and become

a problem in society. A pro-abortion group would also allege that

abortion is not an act of murder as it only destroys a collection of

cells, which would be unable to survive external to the womb before 24

weeks of pregnancy. Another scenario in which abortion may be looked

upon as acceptable is if as a result of giving birth the woman is at

risk of dying p...

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... and a sin,

completely disregarding such Christian principles as the sixth

commandment of "thou shall not kill". Although there is no direct

reference to abortion given in the bible there are many quotes that

can be taken, with underlying messages, which could be referred to in

the case of abortion. Although not all Christians express disapproval

of the act completely, such as certain Protestants, a vast number do

condemn the act regardless of the circumstances.

As a Muslim I strongly agree with the majority of Christians, I

believe life has been given by Allah (God) and who are we to take this

life away with such a horrific act, life is such a precious gift, a

blessing and no one on earth has the right to end another human life

even in the case of an unborn foetus, in my opinion this right is only

that of God's.

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